Bramley ParkRun P&B takeover

On Saturday 26th September the club volunteered to help the local Parkrun –  known in the biz as a ‘takeover’.

Thanks to Joanne Boocock marshalling plenty of juniors and parents, we had lots of volunteers out and it proved to be an enjoyable morning’s running, as well as a nice way to raise the profile of the club to a crowd that might not know much about us.


Parkrun is a great way to get people into running and we’re proud to have volunteered to help with the Bramley course.

A write up and the results can be found on the Bramley Parkrun site here.

Andrew Walker kindly snapped some photos, some highlights of which are below:

IMG_4809 copy IMG_4837 copy IMG_4839 copy IMG_4840 copy IMG_4841 copy IMG_4842 copy IMG_4844 copy IMG_4857 copy IMG_4862 copy IMG_4878 copy IMG_4940 copy


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