P&B Awards Presentation

On Saturday 23rd January we held the P&B end-of-year presentation event.


The day started with a short 1.3 mile race ’round-the-block’ and we had plenty of juniors and pups out as well as a few seniors and parents. Coaches Andy and Joanne set each runner off in time-trial handicap order, so the fastest would be starting last and trying to catch up with the not-so-fast who got a head start.

Starting at the back was a fast and furious affair, with Neil Armitage rocketing off in usual ‘fastest start possible’ style, leaving Archie, Charlie, myself and Caroline (in vital sweeper role) in his wake. Parents and senior members marshalled key points on the route and cheered everyone on.

First Juniors past the line were:

1st Place – Lucas Mills
2nd place – Luke Storr
3rd Place – Erin Hincliffe

and for the pups:

1st – Elisse Kite
2nd – Annie Wilkinson
3rd – Melissa Walker/Maisie Mills

Regardless of finishing position, everyone seemed to enjoy stretching their legs. Thanks to all who volunteered to help out and Andrew Walker for taking photos.

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Later on in the afternoon club members congregated in the fuction room of Fulneck Golf Club for the presentation of awards and a spot of food and socialising.

Cash prizes were awarded to the winners of the morning’s race and all competitors received choccies.


Coaches Joanne & Andy with the young P&B Award Winners

The following awards were presented:

Pup of the Year – Amber Sekhon
Most Competitive Track and Field Athlete 2015 – Mitchell Boocock
Most Competitive Fell and Cross Country Athlete 2015 – Eddie Wilkinson
Coaches Athlete 2015 – Kiernan Kennedy


Your humble, scruffy Chairman presents the winners of the 2015 Senior Club Fell Championship:
Rachel Pilling and Joe Baxter

I then presented Rachel and Joe with the 2015 Senior Fell Champs trophies. These are aquatint prints of Simon’s Seat, donated by club artist Shane Green in 2014. Each year’s winner gets their name added to the frame and keeps the trophy for a year.

The rest of the afternoon’s entertainment was provided by a raffle and the DJ who encouraged various dance-offs and singing performances. Even some of the seniors cut some strong moves on the dancefloor. Thankfully there were no injuries.

An enjoyable day of celebration for all ages, hopefully we’ll do something similar at the end of 2016.

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