Newlands Memorial & Teenager with Altitude 2022

23rd April 2022 – Newlands Memorial (11.5 miles / 3609 ft) and Teenager with Altitude (15.3 miles / 7546 ft)

Mr Mac carefully lining up his dabber with the dibber. Photo by Darren Parker

Richard Pattinson and Neil Wallace attempted the challenging Teenager with Altitude with slightly different game plans.
Richard went off strongly and ran well all the way round for a well earned 20th place and 2nd vet 50.
Neil being a bit more wary sensibly set off pretty much last and fought his way round the course to maintain his position. (editor’s note: in fairness, he was pacing another runner!)

Myself and Leigh Hinchliffe had a go at the shorter Newlands Memorial Race with the same race HQ but it the benefit of an 11.30am start, and had a grand day out in the sunshine.

Both races are highly recommended.

Lovely quiet valley, super tasty pie and Keswick gold beer on completion included in the entry and a local brass band for entertainment.

23/04/22 – Newlands Memorial – 11.5 miles / 3609 ft

Charlie McIntosh 22nd (3rd M50) 1:56:31. Leigh Hinchliffe 73rd 2:15:05.
23/04/22 – Teenager with Altitude – 15.3 miles / 7546 ft

Richard Pattinson 20th (2nd M50) 3:26:23. Neil Wallace 118th 5:32:25.

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