Heptonstall fell race 2017

19th March 2017 – Heptonstall – 15.4 miles / 3169 ft – Emil Andrews My listening material in the car is Bach’s St Matthew Passion: a story of betrayal, injustice, suffering, humiliation, crucifixion and horrible death. A portent for today’s Heptonstall race maybe? (I ...Read More

FRA Junior English Championships

The following 6 races form the 2017 FRA Junior English Championships – full details in FRA Handbook and www.fellrunner.org.uk. These are competitive (as a national championship series) only for the U13, U15, U17, U19 age categories (see page 51 of the 2017 FRA Handbook ...Read More

Wadsworth Trog 2017

Wadsworth Trog – 4th Feb 2017 – 19 miles / 3650 ft – Matthew Seddon There are not many races that appear to have entered the fell runner’s lexicon as a verb. However, for hardy folk around West Yorkshire, to trog, has a definite ...Read More