P&B Fell Championship 2014

We will be starting a club fell championship to give people the kudos of being club fell champion (with a prize to match).

The races to be included in the P&B club fell championships for 2014 are as follows:

Sun 23/03/14Midgley MoorBSSouth/West Pennines
Tue 01/04/14Bunny Run 1CSSouth/West Pennines
Tue 08/04/14Bunny Run 2CSSouth/West Pennines
Tue 15/04/14Bunny Run 3CSSouth/West Pennines
Sat 26/04/14Three PeaksALYork. Dales
Sat 03/05/14*** Coniston ***AMLake District
Tue 13/05/14Jack Bloor RaceBSYork. Dales
Sat 21/06/14Reservoir BogsBMSouth/West Pennines
Sun 10/08/14Round HillCMYork. Dales
Sun 17/08/14*** Sedbergh Hills ***ALYork. Dales
Sat 27/09/14Good ShepherdBLSouth/West Pennines
Sun 12/10/14Withins SkylineBMSouth/West Pennines
Sat 25/10/14*** Great Whernside ***ASYork. Dales
Sat 15/11/14Tour Of PendleALSouth/West Pennines
Sun 14/12/14MytholmroydBMSouth/West Pennines
Sun 21/12/14StoopBSSouth/West Pennines

Scoring for the champs will be thus:

  • In races with up to and including 10 P&B finishers (male or female) – 10 points for fastest P&B male and female to 1 point for 10th fastest
  • In races with up to and including 20 P&B finishers (male or female) – 20 points for fastest P&B male and female to 1 point for 10th fastest
  • In races with 21 or more P&B finishers (male or female) – 30 points for fastest P&B male and female to 1 point for 10th fastest
  • Points will be doubled for the 3 championships races (***) – Coniston (English), Sedbergh (British) and Great Whernside (Yorkshire).
  • Runners’ best 7 out of 14 scores will count, no limitations on which races you do.
  • For the Bunny Runs your best time from all 3 races will be used to determine club points i.e. you only need to do one of them, but you can do all 3 to try and better your time each week.

Example points:

Three Peaks – 12 male & 8 female P&B finishers = 20 finishers. Fastest male gets 20 points, fastest female gets 20 points, 5th fastest male gets 15 points, 5th fastest female gets 15 points.

Great Whernside – 1 male & 5 female P&B finishers = 6 finishers. Fastest male gets 10 points, but as it’s a championships race this is doubled to 20 points. 3rd fastest female gets 16 points (8 doubled).


  1. In races where men and women run separately, numbers running will be combined as if it were one race.
  2. Final version of results will be used. If there are any anomalies, please make these aware to champs statistician (Ian Nixon) as soon as possible. If verified these will be amended. I will email scores as soon as possible after each race.
  3. Only runners entering races as Pudsey & Bramley AC (or variations of) will be included. If you run under a different club, please make champs statistician aware so that you can be included in results.

Please note that Three Peaks and Coniston will require pre-entry which is filling up fast. Please get entered if you intend to run in these races.

Let the racing commence!!!


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