Pudsey & Bramley road runners named and shamed

Abbey Dash – 16th November 2014 – 10K (6.2 miles & virtually flat)

Abbey Dash Leeds 10k

The runners gather to stamp down any greenery that might otherwise spoil the smooth concrete. (Photo by Paul Holloway under Creative Commons)

Road races are not something we do very much at P & B but apparently there are a few tarmac munchers skulking in our midst. They are occasionally spotted at local events but you have to look hard as they do their best to stay incognito.

Apparently the Dash is fairly popular amongst them due to its locality and flat & fast course, so I popped along to see if there were any  about.

Joe Baxter was first to appear. The headband and long sleeve top fooling no one. Colin Walker a few paces behind. The summer vest a fair try but still way too obvious. Next along Suzy Sharman, now that’s more like it,  running in her road club’s vest – nearly had me there.

After that though it all went pretty quiet, there may have been more but the disguises were just too good. Mind you the gait of the comedy camel did look kind of familiar……… was that you Boff and Shane?

That’s it for the seniors, what about the juniors? Well I suppose they’re young and speedy enough to experiment with the odd bit of tarmac. Mitchell Boocock did the 2k Junior Abbey Dash and came a strong 16th out of 251 runners.


Joe Baxter 33:59. Colin Walker 34:42. Suzy Sharman (running for North Derbyshire Running Club) 39:59. Mitchell Bookcock (Junior Dash) 16th 06:50. (Full Results)

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