Lima Marathon, Peru

The Lima maratón. Runners from 46 countries & a scruffy, bearded bloke from Leeds.


We do seem to have a few members whose love of doing daft things in wild places ends up pulling them a bit farther afield than the Lakes. Johnny Parsons is one of them – he wandered off to have rally driving adventures in Mongolia and now resides in Peru, where he decided to run Lima Marathon:

Patching this blog together, with both feet in a washing-up-bowl full of ice, I think back to the target I set myself 6 weeks ago, after seeing an advert for the Marathon. I’ve not run a race in a long time (Lakeland 100 in 2011 & before that the Haworth Hobble in 2009), so it was a big ask, especially on the back of just 6 weeks training.

I’m not normally a road runner, I prefer the open spaces of the fells, moors & mountains, but these are lacking a bit in Lima. But as a lad I always remember the likes of Rob de Castella, Steve Jones & Charlie Spedding sprinting round 26 miles, in a shade over 2 hours; Superhuman efforts. Inspiring stuff!

Since the wee one arrived, running has taken a back seat (in fact it’s probably more in the book, or on the roof rack). Apart from a few gentle bogtrots in December, exercise levels had been zero for a bit too long.
I’ve always thought, “I’ve not got time” or made an excuse. Then I thought, “Make time!”

You can read the rest of the story over on his blog:

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