Rush Around the Rhubarb 2015 Race Report


Rush Around the Rhubarb winners

Senior Winners Rachel Friend and Joe Baxter – photo by Graham Pilling

Armed with Rhubarb, beers, and plentiful chocolate, the Rush Around the Rhubarb race started from P&B’s stomping ground at Priesthorpe School, with 103 runners of all ages tackling the local trails in search of the secretive rhubarb plants that inhabit this northern reach of the West Yorkshire Rhubarb triangle.

Senior Race:

After a short briefing involving several livestock descriptions, the seniors were off first with P&B’s very own Joe Baxter taking control of the race from early on and storming to victory in the strong winds to a new course record of 20:03. Luke McQuade from our friendly local rival Pudsey Pacers was second back in 22:32 and hot on his heels Rob “you broke my rhubarb” Furness from Horsforth Harriers who finished third in 22:55.

Here’s what Joe had to say:

This was my first time rushing around the local rhubarb patches of Pudsey and due to the rest of the P&B gang organising, raffling and making sure that the route was fully marshalled, I soon realised that I was the only runner representing the claret & gold, no pressure there then! The race is quick and whilst nearly all off road, its very runnable making sure that there was no let up from the gun. It was great to find a race so enthusiastic to involve the juniors, whose vast numbers clearly enjoyed the race, and fab prizes on offer afterwards, as much as me!”

Finishing 14th overall and first woman was Leeds City’s Rachel Friend – bringing home the women in 26:31. Bev Smith (27:42) had a strong run, just pipping Saltaire Strider’s Amanda Bellwood to second place overall and first V50. Amanda was third overall in 27:55 and second senior lady with Reena Mistry of Eccleshill not far behind coming in fourth overall woman and third senior female in 28:04.

In the Vet Categories, Horsforth Harriers completed their hat trick of prizes with Nathan Crossley (23:16)finishing fifth overall and first V50. Hot on his heels was Paul Gridlow (U/A) in 23:24 finishing first V40 – Paul we will be sending you an application form shortly! Finally Pudsey Pacers took their second prize of the evening with Lisa Heath finishing first V40 in 29:25.

Under 15’s

P&B’s Junior section dominated in the under 15’s taking home all the prizes. Archie Armitage (15:13) had a strong run again to win the race for the second year – not quite beating his previous record time of 15:07 in the strong winds. Second home was Declan Walker in 16:38 with Mitchell Boocock hot on his heels in third, finishing in a time of 16:43.

In the girls race Allahah Grace Mullen showed a strong transition up to the U15 category, taking the course record and first girl in 17:37. Allanah was the previous course record holder of the U11 course in 2014. Following her home to make it another P&B 1-2-3, Olivia Hunt was second in 20:05 and Erin Hinchliffe third in 21:22.

Rush Around the Rhubarb

Archie on his way to the win in the under 15 Race – photo by Graham Pilling

Under 11’s

Twenty six intrepid under 11’s set off in search of rhubarb in the U11 race with Thomas Smith of P&B taking the win and not far off the course record in 11:51. Ty Bowher was second home for P&B after just being pipped by Thomas, finishing in 11:58. One of the most impressive runs of the evening came from Maisy Bellwood of Keighley and Craven – third overall U11 and first girl in a new course record of 12:04 – the question is will she beat all the boys next year? Chiabhan Martin Mullan (P&B) was fourth overall and third boy in 12:18. Emily Kite of P&B had a very strong run – finishing fifth overall and second girl in 12:38 with Natasha Robinson (P&B) just beating Georgia Fennell (P&B) to third in 13:35.

After the race was complete – the real event of the evening commenced – the annual raffle of various wines/ chocolates/ random stuff people don’t want – sorry to the person who “won” the worm in a bottle – sure that one might make a re-appearance next year!

A massive thank you to all the marshals, timekeepers and volunteers who gave up their time to support the race, and a big well done to all the runners who took part in dry but very windy conditions. Special mention goes to Airecentre Pacers who turned out 15 runners – I would have brought my sunglasses if I had known I would be confronted by that much day-glo orange!

Thanks also to our race prize sponsor – Fuggle and Golding in Ilkley – if anyone needs to find out more about their beers and their growler system, go to Also thanks to Priesthorpe School for allowing us to use their premises again. Oh yeah and Helen at work for donating the Rhubarb!


PositionNameClubCatRace No.Time
1Joe BaxterP&BM28420:03
2Luke McQuadePudsey PacersM26822:32
3Rob FurnessHorsforth HarriersM9522:55
4Paul MillerKirkstall HarriersM24723:11
5Nathan CrossleyHorsforth HarriersM5025423:16
6Paul GridlowunattachedM4026723:24
7Tim BellwoodSaltaire StridersM26423:44
8Chris FallunattachedM25624:08
9Chris GloverKirkstall HarriersM5020125:01
10Andy GreenPudsey PacersM28625:24
11Paul NewtonKirkstall HarriersM4028726:02
12Paul StanhopeEccleshillM5028526:20
13Christian LewisSaltaire StridersM26626:25
14Rachel FriendLeeds CityF29226:31
15Martin GebbettFellandDaleM5026927:02
16Ian McKennaunattachedM29027:29
17Simon EllisAirecentre PacersM4025527:37
18Brad StruttPudsey PacersM27727:40
19Beverley SmithHorsforth HarriersF5025327:42
20Amanda BellwoodSaltaire StridersF26527:55
21Reena MistryEccleshillF28928:04
22Philip LonsdalePudsey PacersM409628:23
23Mark FlanaganunattachedM4027028:25
24Mark SmithPudsey PacersM4026228:39
25James WhiteleyunattachedM20228:57
26Nicholas FordAirecentre PacersM27229:11
27Lisa HeathPudsey PacersF4026329:25
28Rob MyersBaildon RunnersM5024329:39
29Imogen CassenunattachedF25130:14
30Jenny CooperPudsey PacersF4027630:40
31Catherine BarrettKirkstall HarriersF25231:12
32Lisa JamiesonPudsey PacersF4020331:19
33Susan RansomePudsey PacersF5027131:30
34Kate DesforgesunattachedF24531:58
35Andrew TesseymanAirecentre PacersM5027932:01
36Mark JohnsonunattachedM24432:03
37Carol MoranKirkstall HarriersF5029132:05
38Ian Mark StoreyEccleshillM4028332:06
39Claire JonesunattachedF9432:28
40Alyson GloverKirkstall HarriersF4020032:37
41Laura WilsonAirecentre PacersF25932:50
42Rhona NeilsonAirecentre PacersF27533:23
43Kevin SimpsonunattachedM5024633:44
44Claire BromleyKirkstall HarriersF24834:40
45Amanda ConnollyAirecentre PacersF4026135:06
46Clare FordAirecentre PacersF27335:17
47Hayley DunnunattachedF24935:33
48Kev CharltonunattachedM25035:34
49Jen Sebright-PickardAirecentre PacersF28836:42
50Jane TesseymanAirecentre PacersF4028236:43
51Karen LongfellowKirkstall HarriersF409736:54
52Simone Si MohamedunattachedF27837:14
53Anna GreavesAirecentre PacersF28040:24
54Lindsay McKayAirecentre PacersF28140:25
55Anne ProctorAirecentre PacersF40@40:28
56Ashrat ElkurdiAirecentre PacersM4027440:35
57Bernadette MurbyAirecentre PacersF4025843:18
58Layla TrantorAirecentre PacersF25744:25


1Archie ArmitageP&BB15:13
2Declan Walker P&BB16:38
3Mitchell BoocockP&BB16:43
4Edward WilkinsonP&BB17:33
5Alannah Grace MullenP&BG17:37
6Oliver WarrenP&BB20:02
7Olivia HuntP&BG20:05
8Erin HinchliffeP&BG21:22
9Sydney MowbrayAirecentre PacersG21:26
10Kane BatemanP&BB22:11
11Kiernan KennedyP&BB22:23
12Findlay MckeownP&BB22:48
13Ruby SmithP&BG27:11
14Tia BellP&BG28:47
15Harlie ThompsonP&BG28:55
16Lucy FordunattachedG30:34
17Molly WhymarshP&BG30:35
18Tiegan SuttonP&BG30:58
19Hannah WhittlesunattachedG31:00


1Thomas SmithP&BB11:51
2Ty BowherP&BB11:58
3Maisy BellwoodKeighley & Craven ACG12:04
4Ciabhan Martin MullanP&BB12:18
5Emily KiteP&BG12:38
6Lucas MillsP&BB12:41
7Taylor Sebright-PickardunattachedB13:05
8Natasha RobinsonP&BG13:35
9Georgia FennellP&BG14:29
10Eloise KiteP&BG14:39
11Lucy WarrenP&BG15:31
12Maya SehhonP&BG15:39
13Elissa KiteunattachedG15:43
14Max StanleyunattachedB15:46
15Leo StanleyunattachedB16:08
16Declan WallP&BB16:16
17Maisie MillsP&BG16:15
18Annie WilkinsonP&BG16:52
19Emelia JamiesonunattachedG17:00
20Milo HullunattachedB18:17
21Amber SehhonP&BG19:27
22Amelia CharltonunattachedG20:02
23Evie CharltonunattachedG20:05
24Darcy WhymarshP&BB20:07
25Kaitlyn WalshP&BG21:27
26Molly AshcroftP&BG21:28

Click here for downloadable results (Excel File with tabs for each race at the bottom)

Click HERE for Photos from the Senior and Under 15 races.

More Senior photos by Andrew Byrom HERE


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