Rush Around the Rhubarb 2017 Results

Well done to our overall winners, Ash Wall and Ciaran Forde, both of Horsforth Harriers.


We seem to have picked the perfect weather week of June, when it gets cold and drizzly and a bit on the miserable side, but that doesn’t seem to put anyone off or dampen the atmosphere of the race.

Last year the Rhubarb Race took us slightly by surprise, proving a bit more popular than we had expected. Therefore, this year the preparations were more thorough – We were ready for more runners, cows, horses, slippery stiles and rain.

We achieved a record turn out again and would like to thank the 227 runners for making it an enjoyable and successful evening.

Senior Race:

Horsforth’s Ciaran Forde and Wharfedale’s Sophie Martin returned to defend their Rhubarb Crowns. Both the men’s and women’s races were closely fought, with Ciaran claiming the win, finishing in 20:55, ten seconds ahead of Wharfedale’s Nathan Martin, followed by Matt Livesey of Pudsey Pacers in 3rd.

In the ladies race, Sophie finished 2nd, with Ash Wall taking the Rhubarb Queen title and setting a new record of 23:26 and both ladies finished in the top 10 overall. 3rd place lady was Naomi Armitage from Rotherham.

The VETs winners saw Paul Gidlow (Horsfoth Harriers) win MV40 for the 3rd year in a row. Emma Lavelle-Wood (Kirkstall Harriers) took LV40 glory for the 2nd time. The winners in the V50s were John Calvert (Dewsbury) and Lisa Heath (Pudsey Pacers), also a previous winner. V60s were won by Rob Myers (Baildon) and Debbie Bland (Eccleshill) and the MV70 winner was Pudsey legend Peter Covey (Pudsey Pacers).

The junior races saw the P&B younsters out in force. It was also good to see a few more juniors from other clubs out racing and challenging for the top spot.

Under 15s:

In the U15 race the was a fierce battle between Max Metcalfe (Rothwell Harriers) and P&B’s Declan Walker. Both finished with the same time, setting a new Under 15 Course Record, but Max just pushed ahead for victory on the day. First for the girls was P&B’s Emily Kite, who was only 4 seconds off the Course Record.

Under 11s:

The U11 race was won by Aston Brogden (Otley AC), setting a new Course Record, and Maisy Bellwood of Keighley & Craven was 2nd overall and 1st girl, beating her own Course Record from last year.




1Ciaran FordeHorsforth HarriersM20:55
2Nathan MartinWharfedaleM21:05
3Matt LiveseyPudsey PacersM21:15
4Paul GidlowHorsforth HarriersMV4022:04
5Sean HewittWoodkirkMV4023:21
6Ash WallHorsforth HarriersF23:26
7Andrew BrittonUAMV4023:28
8Sophie MartinWharfedaleF23:37
9Rich AllenPudsey PacersM23:41
10John CalvertDewsburyMV5024:07
11Richard PeelOakwell RunfitM24:03
12Oliver GregoryFarsley FlyersM24:14
13Scott LeachFellandaleMV4024:17
14Arthur CreekPudsey PacersM24:26
15Ollie RobertsPudsey PacersM24:27
16Laurence MartinPudsey PacersM25:13
17Peter EneverPudsey PacersM25:15
18Richard KeyworthOakwell RunfitM25:22
19Steven WoodsSouth Leeds LakersMV5025:29
20Mark OrbellPudsey PacersMV5025:30
21Darren MidgleyUAM25:41
22Jonathan EagleHorsforth HarriersMV5025:51
23Naomi ArmitageRotherhamF26:16
24Emma Lavelle-WoodKirkstall HarriersFV4026:30
25Steve WoodsP&BMV5026:37
26Steven BoocockBramley BreezersMV5026:45
27Phil McAlieceRoundhayRunnersM26:48
28Richard HaighSouth Leeds LakersMV5026:51
29Brad StruttPudsey PacersM26:53
30Dom CharkinFarsley FlyersMV4026:58
31Robert GreavesPudsey PacersMV4027:13
32Antony MawsonPudsey PacersMV5027:22
33Paul BennettBramley BreezersMV5027:26
34Haydn HarrisonBramley BreezersU18M27:31
35Catherine GarouttHorsforth HarriersF27:33
36Emily FordeHorsforth HarriersF27:44
37Steve LeeSkyracMV4027:50
38Steven CarterFellandaleMV5028:05
39Lee GoodridgeOakwell RunfitMV4028:12
40Lydia FarleyBradford AiredaleF28:17
41Adam BeestingFarsley FlyersM28:31
42Jason SavilleOakwell RunfitMV4028:36
43Rachel GristPudsey PacersF29:06
44Lisa HeathPudsey PacersFV5029:09
45Martin BullockPudsey PacersMV5029:09
46Ian StoreyEccleshillMV4029:09
47Robert SimpsonUAMV4029:10
48Steven ClaysonDragons LeedsM29:16
49Jacob ThompsonBramley BreezersU18M29:21
50Rob MyersBaildonMV6029:24
51Emma RobinsonPudsey PacersF29:33
52Tim BallwoodSaltaire StridersMV4029:37
53Don HarrisonBramley BreezersMV5029:40
54Kane BatemanP&BU18M29:45
55Marc SteeleEccleshillM29:49
56Matt NorrisOakwell RunfitM29:51
57Barney LernerSaltaire StridersMV6030:00
58Cheryl HarrisonBramley BreezersFV5030:04
59Morgan WilliamsFarsley FlyersM30:06
60Peter CoveyPudsey PacersMV7030:13
61Martin KayeUAMV4030:18
62Katy RalphPudsey PacersFV4030:28
63Dave TaitDark PeakMV7030:44
64Alan HollingsBramley BreezersMV5030:58
65Debbie BlandEccleshillFV6031:19
66Ashley GrindradFarsley FlyersF31:26
67Stephen BrownUAMV4031:40
68Michelle AstonOakwell RunfitFV4031:46
69Brian BeilbyUAMV4031:53
70Lynne MetcalfeOakwell RunfitFV4031:59
71Helen BrantSaltaire StridersF32:02
72Catherine BarrettKirkstall HarriersF32:07
73Hannah MarshallHyde Park HarriersF32:13
74David RaftonFarsley FlyersM32:17
75Sara DemainePudsey PacersFV5032:20
76Paula JohnstonBramley BreezersFV5032:23
77Matthew HeyworthOakwell RunfitM32:29
78Andrew SmithurstPudsey PacersMV5032:35
79Martin WrightBradford AiredaleMV5032:36
80Lynne BarrettPudsey PacersFV6032:38
81Mel AkeroydSaltaire StridersF32:39
82Lisa JamiesonPudsey PacersFV4032:41
83Shaun CamponiOakwell RunfitMV5032:50
84Lydia KishyOakwell RunfitF32:51
85James PoulterOakwell RunfitM32:54
86Samantha ThreshWoodkirkFV4032:55
87Joanne WardFarsley FlyersFV4033:02
88Mark Jackson Pudsey RunnersMV5033:06
89Barry MarkeyBradford AiredaleMV5033:12
90Martyn LewisOakwell RunfitM33:17
91Martin SteelEccleshillMV5033:21
92Sarah RawlingsEccleshillFV5033:21
93Tim AyresPudsey PacersMV5033:27
94Carolyn ParkDragons YeadonFV4033:34
95David SullivanBramley BreezersMV4033:36
96Emily Jane FewtrellFarsley FlyersFV4033:40
97Carol Rebekah NewtonFarsley FlyersF33:42
98Duncan ReedFarsley FlyersMV4033:43
99Andrew TesseymanAirecentre PacersMV4033:48
100Claire FeatherstoneDragons Running ClubF33:54
101Nicki SysonOakwell RunfitFV4033:57
102Kelly LewisOakwell RunfitF33:58
103Ralph McDermottPudsey PacersMV4034:02
104Elysia Wardle SteadOtley ACU18G34:07
105Kay DugglebyUAFV5034:25
106Tony LambertPudsey PacersMV4034:26
107Jayne RobinsonUAFV4033:36
108Andrea DouglasBramley BreezersFV4034:42
109Sharon HobsonFarsley FlyersF34:43
110Simon CrowRoberts Park RunnersM34:47
111Fay WalkerPudsey PacersF34:58
112Claire MillerFarsley FlyersF34:59
113Sue SrokaRoberts Park RunnersFV4035:16
114Julian FarrarOakwell RunfitMV6035:16
115Carole KeighleyAirecentre PacersFV5035:32
116Kirk DouglasBramley BreezersMV5035:45
117Melissa Stead Pudsey PacersFV4035:54
118David OwenPudsey PacersMV6035:55
119Linda Marie FeatherstoneUAFV4035:57
120Rebecca HansonRoberts Park RunnersF36:13
121Penny NorthOakwoodFV5036:20
122Ruth KettlePudsey PacersFV5036:29
123Julie SteeleEccleshillFV5036:32
124Ruth MurphyAiredale PacersFV5036:42
125Zoe Hazel BrownUAFV4036:53
126Caroline StottWoodkirkF37:10
127Grainne BoyceFarsley FlyersM37:13
128Hannah KittleUAF37:14
129Christine SteadPudsey PacersFV5037:23
130Gemma BensonPudsey PacersF37:35
131Andrew HallPudsey PacersMV4037:36
132Rob GreavesPudsey PacersMV6037:44
133Claire ThapeSaltaire StridersF37:48
134Stacey RushworthRoberts Park RunnersF37:50
135Jane TesseymanAirecentre PacersFV4037:55
136Howard SteadPudsey PacersMV5038:08
137Khalee Ur RahmanUAMV4038:13
138Charlotte HardyOakwell RunfitFV4038:36
139Paul DewhirstPudsey PacersMV5038:47
140Cora Louise DoveAirecentre PacersFV4039:18
141Martin CooperWoodkirkMV4039:27
142Stephanie WoodsSouth Leeds LakersF39:52
143Joanne WoodsSaltaire StridersFV5039:52
144Bradley WalkerUAU18M39:54
145Daniel MetcalfeFellandaleM39:57
146Jen Sebright-PickardAirecentre PacersFV4040:00
147Rachael SmithAirecentre PacersF40:01
148Ruth KnowlesUAF40:14
149Evonne DayUAFV4040:20
150Martin ApplebyUAMV6040:30
151Amanda Jane ConnorAirecentre PacersFV4040:35
152Sandy HillinsUAFV4040:49
153Jason WalkerPudsey RunnersMV4040:52
154David Gerard CookAirecentre PacersMV5041:07
155Elizabeth Anne CookAirecentre PacersFV4041:07
156Linda LofthouseAirecentre PacersFV5041:09
157Robert DemaineBramley BreezersMV5041:24
158Donna DibbPudsey RunnersFV4041:38
159Pauline WilsonUAFV5042:11
160Nicola RobinsonUAF43:02
161Angela StoreyEccleshillFV5046:23


1Max MetcalfeRothwell HarriersB14:41
2Declan WalkerP&BB14:41
3Mitchell BoocockP&BB15:23
4Curtis PeelSpenB15:28
5Taylor Sebright-PickardSkyracB15:52
6Jenson BrogdenOtley ACB15:54
7Alexander LeeUAB16:26
8Ty BowkerP&BB16:46
9Harry SteadIlkley HarriersB16:52
10Jacob RobertsP&BB17:39
11Emily KiteP&BG17:41
12Oscar MeekingsP&BB18:54
13Natasha RobinsonP&BG18:58
14Eloise KiteP&BG19:02
15Douglas TiffanyP&BB20:12
16Amelia ThreshWoodkirkG20:19
17Josie BrownP&BG20:19
18Errin TaborWoodkirkG20:34
19Georgia FennelP&BG20:36
20Lyla PierrepontP&BG20:39
21Luis CarterP&BB21:20
22Josh McCartneyP&BB21:37
23Keira KnowlesP&BG21:38
24Katie JohnstonBramley BreezersG22:21
25Lucy AllittP&BG22:40
26Lois Hazel BrownP&BG22:43
27Bethany Minshull-LeedhamP&BG24:22
28Jasmine Minshull-LeedhamP&BG24:29
29William EastwoodOakwell RunfitB24:55


1Aston BrogdenOtley ACB10:59
2Maisy BellwoodKeighley & CravenG11:22
3Theo ArmitageUAB11:37
4Reuben ShamimP&BB11:43
5Thomas MartinUAB11:58
6Max SteadIlkley HarriersB12:12
7Elissa KiteP&BG12:24
8Ewan KiteP&BB12:38
9Isack PalteemanP&BB12:51
10Reuben MeekingsP&BB12:55
11Sebastian BrownUAB13:00
12Adam WoodP&BB13:42
13Myles NuursP&BB13:56
14Buddy JohnstonBramley BreezersB14:14
15Lore Jones-BuchannonP&BB14:29
16Emilia JamiesonP&BG14:30
17Daxc Jones-BuchannonP&BB14:50
18Annie WilkinsonP&BG14:52
19Melissa WalkerP&BG14:54
20Tilly AshcroftP&BG15:19
21Thomas RobinsonUAB15:24
22Phoebe ColeP&BG15:33
23George WalshP&BB15:40
24Eve MuirheadP&BG16:10
25George GibsonUAB16:15
26Molly EneverP&BG16:27
27Jasper ShamimP&BB17:10
28Charlie Minshull-LeedhamP&BB17:20
29Ryan WilsonP&BB17:21
30Chloe Minshull-LeedhamP&BG17:59
31Ava PickstockUAG18:12
32Lola SteadIlkley HarriersG18:16
33Alex ButlerPudsey PacersB18:39
34Emma RalphUAG18:39
35Grace Sebright-PickardUAG19:18
36Rumbidzai ChiteyaP&BG19:33
37Munesy ChiteyaP&BB19:44
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