Penultimate Club Champs 2017 Update

Update 5 is hot off the press!

With one race to go, it’s neck and neck at the number one spot between Joe Baxter and Graham Pilling — WHO WILL BE VICTORIOUS?? IT COULD BE EITHER OF THESE FINELY CRAFTED MEN OF THE MOUNTAINS? NOBODY COULD POSSIBLY CALL THE WINNER AT THIS JUNCTURE! LITERALLY ANYONE’S GA-…..  *Ahem* Pretty sure Joe has this in the bag.

Graham did have the opportunity to get far enough ahead to knock JB off his Club Champs Throne but injury meant missing out on the Great Whernside bonus points and some cataclysmic navigation errors at Wild Boar meant him coming in last place P&B runner, with naught but scraps of club points remaining, like a scratty, one-legged pigeon pecking away at crumbs outside a Greggs Bakery.

With a good number of P&B down on the Stoop entry list, perhaps someone will leg Bitty up on the start line or lead him on a merry route off-course — or perhaps we’ll simply all be there to celebrate him taking home the Men’s Club Trophy yet again, fair and square.

For the ladies, there really is no competition, with Rachel Pilling scoring full points at every race and missing only one bonus race, putting her so far into the lead as to be unassailable.

Well done everyone who participated this year. There’ll be one final update once we’ve had the final race and then it’ll be onto next year!



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