Festive Racing Roundup 2019-20

The festive holidays always have lots going on race-wise, to get you out of the house working off the over-indulgences.  Here’s a quick roundup of what P&B members got up to.

Rob Hope Pudsey and Bramley Stoop 2019

It was nice to see an appearance from Rob Hope at a very chilly running of The Stoop Race. Despite a fairly quiet fellrunning year (concentrating a bit more on cyclocross) he was still 1st V40 and 3rd overall, with Neal Crampton ending a strong year of running with 3rd V40 and 12th overall.

Neil Braveshorts Wallace Pudsey and Bramley Stoop 2019

A lesser spotted Chi Trinh also made an appearance but was easy to miss if you were distracted by a flash of Neil Wallace‘s shiny baubles.  Good to see young Mitchell Boocock back running after his leg fracture, along with other junior members Melissa and Declan Walker – with Decs finishing off a strong year with 2nd in the U17s.

The ever popular Chevin Chase, taking place on Boxing Day, held a special treat for Joe Baxter as mischievous Ilkley scamps Jack & Tom got their hands on some P&B kit in order to run as Baxter Doppelgangers, providing much delight and confusion for spectators and runners alike.  I’d messaged Joe before the race to predict ‘P&B colours’ in first place, which proved correct as Jack took the win.

Chevin Chase Baxters Pudsey and Bramley 2019

Back in Yorkshire for the holidays, Callum Hanson was first P&B home in 5th place overall, followed by Captain Baxter in 7th. Colin Walker had an outstanding run with 1st V45 and 15th overall.

Rach and I were up in the Dales over Jinglemas, so it was only a short hop up to Ambleside for the Wansfell Race which was absolutely rammed and the biggest turnout they’ve had, with 180-odd enjoying the short 2 mile blast.

The last day of the year is of course the classic Auld Lang Syne race, which saw a pretty low turnout with only myself, Rach and BraveTracksuit Wallace out enjoying a historically quite mild if a bit misty running of the running race.

Auld Lang Syne Race 2019 Woodentops Pudsey and Bramley

Auld Lang Syne Race 2019 Woodentops Pudsey and Bramley

Auld Lang Syne Race 2019 Woodentops Pudsey and Bramley

This was also the last race of the P&B Fell Championship, which, for the chaps, has been dominated by Joe Baxter for the past few years… that is UNTIL NOW!

Who could possibly go X-talon to X-talon with the Captain himself and come out on top??  Who has the tenacity to ALMOST complete 7 races??!  That’s right, it’s yours truly! But please, please… save your congratulations, I am a humble man and don’t want to make a fuss.

I’ll just quietly leave this here…

P&B Club Fell Champion 2019


New Year’s Day saw plenty of hangovers, I’m sure, but also people getting the year off to a great start by getting out of the house and enjoying the bright sunshine.

Freshly transferred to the club and running his first race for P&B, Laurence Martin did Giant’s Tooth. Congratulations to Caroline Harding, who completed her 100th ParkRun over at Watergrove. Meanwhile over on a busy Ilkley Moor, myself, Rachel, Sarah Rowell, and Niall Bourke did the Score Orienteering event put on by Airenteers which was good fun — a particular highlight for me was seeing two young deer stood watching me look for a control as great big beams of low winter sunlight cut through the trees. Beautiful.

Happy New Year everyone and all the best for racing and competing in 2020!



Final photo of Chairman Pilling courtesy of Gullwing Photography; everything else by the Woodentops, whose support for the club and our runners we’re ever grateful for – cheers Dave & Eileen!



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