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Tararua Mountain Race – NZ

9 March 2019 – Tararua Mountain Race – 36 km / 2,300 m One of the classics of the New Zealand calendar, the TMR is a fantastic community-run event. It crosses the rugged Tararua range just north of Wellington. The route is a point ...Read More

Aorangi Undulator

Aorangi Undulator – 7 Nov 2015 – 33km / 2,700 m For my first proper race in New Zealand I thought I’d better not show up late, so I arrived 12 hours before kickoff and camped out at the finish. It was a couple ...Read More

Wadsworth Trog

7 February 2015 – 20 miles / 4003 ft A new course greeted the 156 happy runners who showed up at the Old Town Cricket Club for this year’s Wadsworth Trog. Reseeding and general maintenance on Wadsworth Moor meant that the long, tough early ...Read More


Wasdale, 12 July. 34km / 2,743m (or 21m / 9,000’ old money) “Are you alright?” a passing runner asked me. “Yeah fine. Just tired. Juusst tiirreedd”. I sat down. I needed a rest. I got up, ran a few paces. Sat down. [repeat two ...Read More

Cronkley Fell Race

29 June 2014 – 10.5m / 1,752 ft Has anyone seen Pulp Fiction? There is a scene where two guys are talking about being abroad and one says “You know what the funniest thing about Europe is? They got the same stuff we got ...Read More