Sund 21st FebIlkley MoorS
Sat 12th MarchBlack CombeMENG CHAMPS RACE
Sun 20th MarchHeptonstallL
March - AprilWoodentops Bunny RunsSBest time from 3 races, only need to finish 1 race to count
Sat 30th AprilThree PeaksALEntries Open, fills up fast
Sat 21st MayCharlesworth ChaseSGet yer drinking practice in!
Weds 1st JuneOtley ChevinS
Sat 25th JuneEldwick GalaS
Sat 23rd JulyBingley ShowM
Weds 7th SeptemberIlkley InclineS
Sat 22nd OctoberGreat WhernsideS
Sat 12th NovemberHarriers vs CyclistsS
Sun 18th DecemberStoopM
Nov/DecReally Wild BoarS
  • Runners’ best 7 out of 14 scores will count, no limitations on which races you do.
  • Same scoring system as last year (i.e. up to 10 P&B runners – 1st man and woman get 10pts; 11-20 P&B runners – 1st man and woman get 20pts; 21-30 P&B runners – 1st man and woman get 30pts etc.
  • BONUS CHAMPS POINTS – all runners will get a bonus 5 pts for every English and British Fell Championship race they finish (i.e. 45pts available as 6 English, plus 4 British (one of which is a combined English and British).

FRA Championship Races are as follows:  Black Combe (12/3/16 Eng. Med.),  Donard – Commedagh Horseshoe (9/4/16 Brit. Med), Up The Nab (7/5/16 Eng. Short), Pedol Cwm Pennant (11/6/16 Brit. Long), Sedbergh Sports (9/7/16 Eng & Brit. Short), Borrowdale (6/8/16 Eng. Long), Pendle 3 Peaks (20/8/16 Eng. Med), Merrick Hill (17/9/16 Brit. Med), Langdale Horseshoe (8/10/16 Eng. Long).

Example points:  Borrowdale – 12 male & 8 female P&B finishers = 20 finishers. Fastest male gets 20 points, fastest female gets 20 points, 5th fastest male gets 15 points, 5th fastest female gets 15 points. As it’s an English Fell Championship race, each of the 20 finishers also get a bonus 5pts added.


  1. In races where men and women run separately, numbers running will be combined as if it were one race.
  2. Final version of results will be used. If there are any anomalies, please make these aware to champs statistician (Ian Nixon) as soon as possible. If verified these will be amended.
  3. Only runners entering races as Pudsey & Bramley AC (or variations of) will be included.

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(2020 – 2021 Covid-19 Years. 2022 we just forgot to do one!)




Let the racing commence!!!

Final Update (we failed slightly to post regular updates this year!):


Update 1 after Pendle 3 peaks Champs race: