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P&B BG Snaps

Our Peruvian correspondent, Johnny Bravo, pointed out recently that it was 8 yrs ago to the day when P&B did their club Bob Graham Round and shared some enjoyable snaps of the carnage, which are worth a browse here. Boff did a cracking write-up ...Read More

Ian Hodgson Mountain Relay

5 October 2014 – 24.9 miles / 8038 ft of climb This has got to be my favourite relay. It comprises of 4 different legs run in pairs over spectacular Lakeland scenery. Usually run in the classic clockwise direction, but with the added bonus ...Read More


Wasdale, 12 July. 34km / 2,743m (or 21m / 9,000’ old money) “Are you alright?” a passing runner asked me. “Yeah fine. Just tired. Juusst tiirreedd”. I sat down. I needed a rest. I got up, ran a few paces. Sat down. [repeat two ...Read More