Rush Around the Rhubarb results


The second ever Rush around the Rhubarb race was held on a glorious sunny Thursday evening from P&B headquarters at Priesthorpe. Taking in some of the local training lanes and footpaths, 84 intrepid runners set off on the trails in search of the elusive rhubarb in the senior, under 15 and under 11 races.

The seniors were off first, with Pudsey Pacers’ Gary Bailey and Karen Pickles taking the honours and their new titles as “Rhubarb Royalty”. Alan Brydon (Kirkstall Harriers) was 2nd and Tim Bellwood (Saltaire Striders) 3rd in the mens. Local P&B star Becky Coope (P&B U18) was 2nd with Steph Wilson (Saltaire Striders) 3rd in the ladies. Kieran Lazenby, another highly promising young P&B runner, was 1st U18 overall.

Next up were the U15’s with 13 runners taking part. Archie Armitage (P&B) and Charlie Proctor (P&B) took the boys and girls titles, with Mitchell Boocock and Alfie Appleby (P&B) 2nd and 3rd boys and Erin Hinchcliffe (U/A) and Charlotte Davies (P&B) 2nd and 3rd girls.

Last to set off were a lively crowd of 32 rhubarb ready U11’s. A small matter of the Mobot and Bolt impersonations were all that stood between them and their sprint start to the mile long race down the track, round a field and back again, chasing down a slightly nervous looking Adam Cook as their “hare”. George Milner (Wharfedale) was first back in 11:48, with Allanah Mullan (U/A) not far behind in 12:22 to take first girl. Luke Storr (U/A) and Thomas Smith (P&B) were 2nd and 3rd boy and Ruby Smith (U/A) and Neeve Stevenson (P&B) 2nd and 3rd girl.


It was great to see so many runners from local clubs in all age groups taking part on what was a really enjoyable evening’s running. Thanks to them and all our volunteer marshals, timekeepers, sweepers and prize donators for making the event a really enjoyable one.

And… the question everyone is asking – where is this rhubarb?? Well, you will need to come and do the race next year to find out!

Thanks everyone and hope to see you again next year.

Full results listed below, or available as a spreadsheet here.


PositionNameClubCatRace No.Time
1Gary BaileyPudsey PacersM22121:18
2Alan BrydonKirkstall HarriersM23122:28
3Tim BellwoodSaltaire StridersM23223:21
4Richard AllenPudsey PacersM21423:39
5Martin HurstUnaffiliatedM23723:59
6Boff WhalleyP&BM5023324:07
7Andrew ClarkBramley BlastersM4022824:09
8Karen PicklesPudsey PacersL4022224:44
9Andy BrentUnaffiliatedM21225:12
10Kieran LazenbyP&BU18 M23825:45
11Rebecca CoopeP&BU18 L21626:06
12David CooperPudsey PacersM4022526:11
13Steve MilnerWharfedale HarriersM5024126:20
14Jason SmithUnaffiliatedM4021326:29
15Martin GebbettFellandaleM5021826:40
16John HuntSaltaire StridersM4021726:44
17Mark JohnsGoole Viking StridersM4020627:00
18Steph WilsonSaltaire StridersL21527:01
19Mark SmithPudsey PacersM4020727:14
20Chris SmithPudsey PacersM5022927:33
21Justin WaterhousBramley BlastersM22428:56
22Peter CoveyBingley HarriersM7024029:16
23Neil WallacePudsey PacersM4023029:32
24Rob MyersUnaffiliatedM5021130:31
25Barry MarkeyBradford AiredaleM5020530:57
26Richard BinnsBradford AiredaleM4022031:35
27Lisa HeathPudsey PacersL4022731:43
28Garry ManghamUnaffiliatedM5021031:53
29Jenny CooperPudsey PacersL22631:58
30Carol MoranKirkstall HarriersL5020833:45
31Lisa SmedleyUnaffiliatedL23633:57
32Andy WigginsUnaffiliatedM23534:01
33Anne MilnerWharfedale HarriersL4024234:27
34Tina DickinsonHorsforth HarriersL5020936:56
35Sean RowntreeBramley BlastersM4022328:51
36Helen DaviesPudsey PacersL4021940:00
37Rebecca CumberworthPudsey PacersL23441:02
38Clare JohnsonUnaffiliatedL4023942:51
39Ian BrownKirkstall HarriersM6020443:46


1Archie ArmitageP&BB15:07
2Mitchell BoocockP&BB15:54
3Alfie ApplebyP&BB16:17
4Ollie HeathP&BB17:41
5Hansen TiffanyP&BB17:44
6Declan WalkerP&BB17:50
7Eddie WilkinsonP&BB18:20
8Charlie ProctorP&BG18:32
9Erin HinchliffeUnaffiliatedG19:54
10Charlotte DaviesP&BG20:28
11Kane BetemoP&BB23:41
12Tia BellP&BG24:59
13Aymi-Shayne ThomasUnaffiliatedG25:27


1George MilnerWharfedale HarriersB11:48
2Luke StorrUnaffiliatedB12:20
3Alannah MullanUnaffiliatedG12:22
4Thomas SmithP&BB12:37
5Harry SteadIlkley HarriersB13:00
6Lucas MillsP&BB13:35
7Douglas TiffanyP&BB13:36
8Zak StolarskiUnaffiliatedB13:38
9Ruby SmithUnaffiliatedG13:57
10Ciabhan MullanUnaffiliatedB14:21
11Neeve StevensonP&BG14:23
12Lily MilnerWharfedale HarriersG14:59
13Emily KiteUnaffiliatedG15:01
14Romany StevensonP&BG15:47
15Max SteadIlkley HarriersB15:52
16Maisey BellwoodKeighley & CravenG15:57
17Eloise KiteP&BG15:58
18Oliver SmithUnaffiliatedB16:17
19Kacie BrentUnaffiliatedG16:18
20Lila AllisonP&BG16:19
21Miller HowardP&BB16:39
22Jo SterlacchiniUnaffiliatedB17:44
23Natasha RobinsonP&BG17:54
24Annabelle FawcettP&BG17:54
25Masie DaviesUnaffiliatedG18:41
26Eva BellUnaffiliatedG18:46
27Annie WilkinsonUnaffiliatedG19:46
28Lewis BrookP&BB19:47
29Molly HowsonP&BG20:23
30Ella-Mae HowsonP&BG20:28
31Demi BrentUnaffiliatedG20:47
32Molly AshcroftP&BG20:52

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