Welcome to Rhys MacAllister

Some people tumble into the P & B fold, some are dragged kicking & screaming but I think Rhys was born to it.

He holds up all our ideals to the highest standard………….

He may or may not join the club, and it may be first claim or second claim or another variation of the two. He may join for 1 year or 6 months and he may disappear to the Alps at any time.

He has a firm grounding in proper scary rope based climbing but none in running.

Being Irish he counts as falling within our local catchment area.

His favourite fell running shoes are his recently purchased non sole marking squash shoes from Sports Direct.

He can cycle to a fell race, in trainers and the baggiest football shorts available, run the race in a borrowed P & B vest, beat most of the tooled up fellow competitiors carrying useless items like maps and compasses, then cycle home in the same kit. He doesn’t, in fact, know what a compass is.

And if all that isn’t enough he makes horseshoes with his bare hands for a living.

I salute you Rhys our newest, new member………………if in fact you do join.


This may… or may not… be Rhys. (Photo by Hans Splinter used under Creative Commons)

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