Yorkshire Veterans AA Race – Meanwood

24th June 2014 – 4.6 miles

So who is Steve Woods? He’s like an international man of mystery, ghosting in and out of race registration areas, zipping round the run then disappearing again afterwards as if he was never there.

But he’s here, standing brooding at the back of the cricket pavilion, watching what is supposedly our international team embarrass themselves on the big screen and completing our required compliment of 4 for a men’s team for the first time this Yorkshire Vets season.

A quick couple of laps of the twisty, fast, nettley, course later…


Charlie and Graham trying to keep up with Mr Holah’s blistering starting pace (Photo by Richard Pattinson)


Dave (everybodys favourite) Watson wins again, followed by Gavin (just back from NI international duty) Mulholland, with ‘Pacer’s Nigel Armitage in 3rd.

Jon Holah has a great run to finish not far behind in 4th and first M50; I’m tucked in behind Jon, sneaking past a few pesky Pudsey Pacers to finish first M45; and Graham Pilling gains a superb 3rd M35 and I believe his first individual prize.

And Steve? His presence is recorded in the results but he’s nowhere to be seen…

Jon Holah 4th (1st M50) 29:51.  Charlie McIntosh 5th (1st M45).  Graham Pilling 19th (3rd M35).  Steve Woods 40th (6th M55).  (Full Results)

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