Kirkstall Abbey 7

21 September 2014 – mixed terrain 7 miler


James and Charlie display textbook synchronised running form. Photo from Kirkstall Harriers.

This is a short flat and fast trot from the Abbey in Leeds up the canal and back via the river.

Adam Speed, our top membership secretary, was there early, having competed in the junior run with his son and apparently been soundly beaten. Even the sniff of a bottle of Saltaire Blonde in the goody bag not proving enough incentive to prevent a sound thrashing. Tuesday training at Priesthorpe, Adam, that’s the answer, you only live in Horsforth, no further excuses acceptable!

We had three juniors in the 2 Mile Under 17s race. Emma Boocock had a fantastic run and represented the P&B club ethos perfectly by being first girl over the line despite a shoelace coming undone. Great running from Mitchell Boocock and Natasha Robinson also.


Emma, Mitchell, & Natasha in the U17 Race – Photos by Joanne Boocock


This left me, James Wilkinson and Steve Woods to fight for honours in the Senior race.

James is a top class road specialist who’s running career I have been carefully mentoring as he turns more to the truth that is fell running. However progress has been cruelly hampered by his wife recently producing two children. So his development is on hold and current form unknown.

Steve Woods of course is the stealth man himself, maturing gracefully like a fine wine as he settles into his professional training regime now he is retired.

From the off it was obvious James’ training regime is working a treat as he disappeared into the distance never to be seen again. In fact I would encourage him to have several more children on the basis he will get faster with each.

I settled in mid pack with Steve not far behind, and there is really nothing else to report on the race itself other than the comedy Monk had a fantastic run finishing in the top twenty. The Nun on the other hand still has room for improvement.

I’m now off to tell the wife that we will be having some new arrivals. Then to purchase a cassock, and here’s looking to an improved result from yours truly next year.


James the top class road specialist, smiling at the novelty of grass. Photo by Noel Akers.


Charlie and Stealth-Man-Steve. Photos by Noel Akers.


KA7 Senior Race: James Wilkinson 7th 40:33. Charlie McIntosh 11th (2nd M45) 42:12. Monk 14th 42:42. Steve Woods 34th (3rd M55) 45:17. Nun 52nd 48:09.

U17 Junior Race: Emma Boocock 1st Girl (2nd overall) 13:18. Mitchell Boocock 5th 13:57. Natasha Robinson 21st 17:48.

Mad Monk junior fun run: Jackson Speed, up the front somewhere, pretty fast, Adam Speed, near the back, don’t even ask.

(Full Results)

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