PECO XC – Race 3 – West Park


What more could you want? Lovely sunshine, green grass, rolling hills… Ok, maybe not rolling hills but they’re smiling aren’t they? so it can’t have been that bad.


After a call to arms by Sergeant Major Pilling 11 Pudsey men turned out for this post Xmas sprint.

Freshly shorn Colin Walker, looking back to his youthful best, had Joe firmly in his sights the whole way round, but in the end they both couldn’t catch Terry Forrest from Ackworth Road Runners. Joe finishing an excellent 2nd with Colin an equally excellent 3rd.


Mr Baxter working hard at the front, with Colin and Neil not far behind. Lovely shorts Neil. (Photo by Phil Hammond)


Back in the pack, with Neil Armitage running as a guest, it was left to newby John Navis to trot in as next counter. He’d already been for a twenty mile cycle in the morning & had decided to run in what looked like his pyjamas, so all in all 37th was pretty darn good.

Next in was Charlie McIntosh, with Niall Bourke hot on his heels, shortly followed by a resurgent Scott Alder and then Ed Barber. The final counter was Graham Pilling, ensuring a top 100 position for all 8 scorers and team number 1 spot within our division by a huge margin. Team score was 2nd out of the entire league on the day, so it shows what we’re capable of when we can actually field a full team.

Steve Woods & Shane Green provided strong backup. Shane in typical manor having organised an entry at 10.30pm the night before.

For the ladies, Claire Green came in a great 4th, backed up by the Sergeant Major herself, Rachel Pilling in 15th.


Archie and Declan showing spot on running form in the junior race (Photo by Andrew Walker)


In the earlier junior races, Natasha Robinson placed 49th in the 1 mile race, and in the 2 mile race, Archie Armitage was 11th and Declan Walker 34th. Bearing in mind Archie is up to 2 years younger than some of the opposition & Declan 5, this is good going.

Full results available here.

The next race in the series is Sunday 8th February at Boddington. Let’s see who we can drag out for it shall we?

See the website for more details:  and contact Rachel Pilling for all entry details.

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