FRA Dinner, Dance & Presentation Evening 2016


We had a nice table of P&B rabble at the ‘FRA do’ held on the 12th November at some hotel in Skipton, hosted by Bingley Harriers.

It was a fun evening, kept entertaining by the beer-fueled hijinks expected from a room full of fell running’s brightest and most boisterous.

Rob Hope was up to his usual tricks, donning a red & white tie and posing for Bouncy Mounsey’s “Look at Calder Valley’s new signing!” photo.

Shane Green later arrived, having had about 5 pints on the way, gave Rob one look and proclaimed “What this all about?! Get rid of that shit and get this round yer neck!” He promptly produced a tie from his sleeve in the proper P&B maroon & gold, like a drunken magician.


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The club hasn’t done too badly this year, with the men’s team winning Bronze in the English Champs, and the women taking Bronze in the British. A huge well done to everyone who medalled!

Rob took away 1st V40 prizes and special mention goes to John Heneghan for winning the Honorary Long Distance Award for his run at Black Combe. Sadly couldn’t collect his trophy, as he’s still out there.

More drinking occurred and then the dancing, where Shane careered around like a cannonball, grabbing and spinning and bruising and causing mayhem in a suitably Shane-like manner.

Overall: great fun, with some good dance moves and some smashing costumes.


Men’s Team English Championship Bronze winners:

Jamie Parkinson, Rob Hope, Joe Baxter, John Heneghan, Matthew Lockyer, Graham Pearce, Neal Crampton, Matthew Seddon, Colin Walker

Ladies’ Team British Championship Bronze winners:

Claire Green, Rachel Pilling, Joanna Schreiber, Caroline Harding

Photos by Norman Berry, cheers!


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