Update from Our Man in Peru…

For such a small club we do seem to have a lot of members who live miles away from where we’re based – various other neighbouring towns, Cumbria, Scotland, the French Pyrenees, and even far-flung, culturally bereft, wastelands like New Zealand and Lancashire.

Perhaps our most isolated overseas member is Johnny Bravo, residing in Lima, Peru. It’s always a treat to get an update from him via his blog, and his latest missive is no exception.

Head on over to www.superclunk.com/huaicos to see how he’s getting on in the midst of Peru being battered by “Huaicos” (a cross between a flood/mudslide/avalanche/landslide/flash flood) as well as his first race of the year – ‘Desafio Ruricancho’ – just a steady 20 miler with 7.5k climb to test his legs.

Thanks for the update Johnny!



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