Rush Around the Rhubarb 2018 Results

Overall winners Emma Lavelle-Wood of Kirkstall and Callum Hanson of P&B.


Thanks to everyone who joined us for this year’s race. This is the first time we’ve put the race on under Run Britain, and as such we had to have an entry limit and clearer rules. The upside was that we could finally offer online entry. This certainly made things easier for our club volunteers working on the registration side of things and hopefully it made things easier for runners too. Feedback is always welcome, so do let us know!

Anyway, onto the races themselves. It’s been scorchingly hot during the day this week so we did wonder if the heat (or the football) would put anybody off but thankfully numbers were once again nice and healthy and most people seemed to find the heat had died down a little, certainly by the time the seniors were running.

Conditions were very dry underfoot so the potential for some new course records was definitely high — did we crown any new Rhubarb Royalty? Read on to find out…

Rhubarb Runners mustering and milling. Photo c/o Philip Bland

Under 11s:

Let’s start off with our Junior race, since that kicked off first. The U11 race had a very clear winner, as young up-and-comer Thomas Martin of P&B lead the race from the very start and came absolutely storming down the finishing track, with some solid distance between him and 2nd place. Only 7 seconds shy of a new record, we’re expecting some great future results from this young lad.

The first girl was Charlotte Chambers of Otley AC with a great run, finishing 3rd place overall.

Under 15s:

Aston Brogden of Otley was last year’s winner of the U11 race (and still the course record holder) but has since made the transition up to a new category. The move doesn’t seem to have phased him too much though, as he was a winner again this year with a strong finish.

Last year, P&B’s Emily Kite was only 4 seconds off the Course Record so she may have run this year with the target clearly in her sights. We’re pleased to say she smashed it, winning the race yet again for the girls and setting a new Record!

Senior Race:

Speaking of someone who may have had a target in sight… P&B’s Callum Hanson was clearly up for the challenge of taking clubmate Joe Baxter’s record for the Senior course, which he did with 20 seconds or so to spare. A few of us hovering around the start correctly guessed the finishing order putting Saltaire Striders’ Will Kerr in 2nd place and James Wilkinson (P&B) in 3rd.

For the ladies, previous two-time LV40 winner Emma Lavelle-Wood (Kirkstall Harriers) had a great run to take overall victory, ahead of Carly Miller (unattached) in 2nd and Naomi Armitage of Rotherham Harriers in 3rd.

First in the U18 category (and 7th overall) was Declan Walker (P&B) for the chaps and Georgia Beeton for the lasses. A shoutout to our other U18 P&B runner, Mitchell Boocock, who finished in 9th. Good to see these two getting faster as they transition up into the senior categories.

First V40s were Lynne Metcalfe (Rothwell Harriers) and Paul Heeley (Horsforth Fellandale); V50 category winners were Lisa Heath (Pudsey Pacers) and Mark Orbell (Pudsey Pacers); V60s were Debbie Bland (Eccleshill Road Runners) and Jack Verity (Saltaire Striders); and we had only one V70 but it was Dave Tait of Dark Peak, still running strong at 70!

Blue skies and clear sailing… or, erm, running… all the way to the finish for Callum and Emma. Photo c/o Braveshorts.




A huge thank you to all the marshals, timekeepers and volunteers who helped ensure everything went smoothly and a big well done to Race Organiser Rachel Pilling for taking on this year’s organisational duties.

Thanks again to folk for supporting our little race, we do hope you enjoyed it and we’ll see you again next year!

Results below (any obvious errors or amendments, just drop us an email)



1Callum HansonP&BM19:43
2Will KerrSaltaire StridersMV4020:26
3James WilkinsonP&BM22:26
4Oliver GregoryFarsley FlyersM22:59
5Sam CleggRotherham HarriersM23:20
6Jack CooperPudsey PacersM23:44
7Declan WalkerP&BU18M23:57
8Owain GwilymAircentre PacersM24:00
9Mitchell BoocockP&BU18M24:08
10Jim GrossU/AM24:41
11John SinghSaltaire StridersM24:45
12Laurence MartinPudsey PacersM24:48
13Paul HeeleyHorsforth FellandaleMV4024:48
14Richard PeelU/AM24:50
15Liam SmithU/AM24:57
16Mark OrbellPudsey PacersMV5024:58
17Adam NodwellNorth Leeds Fell RunnersM25:22
18Tom TrousdaleBramley BreezersM25:26
19Emma Lavelle-WoodKirkstall HarriersFV4025:27
20Chris ChambersOtley ACM25:52
21Jeremy RixSaltaire StridersMV5025:59
22Peter EneverPudsey PacersM26:01
23Mark BowmanU/AMV4026:02
24Andrew CorkerFarsley FlyersMV4026:06
25Dom CharkinFarsley FlyersMV4026:22
26Carly MillerU/AF26:38
27Max MetcalfeRothwell HarriersU18M26:53
28Maris BaskoBramley BreezersM26:55
29Patrick BeanFarsley FlyersMV5027:11
30Naomi ArmitageRotherham HarriersF27:26
31Phil McAlieceRoundhay RunnersM27:26
32Andrew WalkerPudsey PacersMV5027:28
33Mark CurtisU/AMV4027:30
34Adam BeestingFarsley FlyersM27:32
35Mark DoyleFarsley FlyersM27:41
36Jack VeritySaltaire StridersMV6027:50
37Laurie HillU/AM28:25
38Tony JamiesonU/AMV4028:26
39Steven CarterHorsforth FellandaleMV5028:36
40Rob ButlerPudsey PacersMV4028:45
41Alun GriffithsSaltaire StridersMV6028:48
42Craig ElliotSaltaire StridersMV4029:04
43Laura WatsonU/AF29:05
44Andy GreenU/AM29:08
45Steven ClaytonPudsey PacersM29:10
46Jack HepworthU/AM29:46
47Andy ChallinorHorsforth FellandaleMV4030:00
48Rob MyersBaildon RunnersMV6030:03
49Helen BrantSaltaire StridersF30:13
50Lisa HeathPudsey PacersFV5030:24
51Martin ScottPudsey PacersMV5030:27
52Aiden DuffyU/AMV5030:30
53Dave TaitDark PeakMV7030:53
54Victoria WilkinsonPudsey PacersF31:00
55Mark JacksonPudsey RunnersMV5031:17
56Andy GledhillU/AMV5031:23
57Alfie BeetonU18B31:43
58Stuart MorrisU/AMV4031:53
59Martin SteeleEccleshill Road RunnersMV5031:59
60Matthew KeyworthDewsbury Road RunnersM32:00
61Marc SteeleEccleshill Road RunnersM32:16
62Andrew DouglasBramley BreezersMV4032:21
63Kat MartinValley StridersF32:32
64Iain ThomsonFarsley FlyersM32:37
65Jacob ThompsonBramley BreezersM32:40
66Lynne MetcalfeRothwell HarriersFV4032:40
67Michelle AstonU/AFV4032:42
68Jane MetcalfeU/AFV4032:54
69Julian FarrarU/AMV6032:56
70Clare MillerFarsley FlyersF33:00
71Mohanlal MistrySaltaire StridersMV5033:01
72Debbie BlandEccleshill Road RunnersFV6033:02
73Carole CliffordRothwell HarriersFV5033:12
74David RaftonU/AM33:13
75Gemma StorrPudsey PacersFV5033:21
76Lisa JamiesonPudsey PacersFV4033:37
77James PoulterU/AM33:40
78Louise CribbesU/AFV5033:46
79Thomas BellBramley BreezersM33:51
80Kirk DouglasBramley BreezersMV5033:53
81Kerry WoodSaltaire StridersFV4034:03
82Kelly LewisU/AF34:05
83Emily FewtrellFarsley FlyersFV4034:07
84Mel AkeroydSaltaire StridersF34:18
85Rose GeorgeNorth Leeds Fell RunnersFV4034:25
86Marion ColeU/AF34:39
87Darren LonghornSaltaire StridersMV5034:42
88Joanne WardFarsley FlyersFV4034:59
89Julie SteeleEccleshill Road RunnersFV5035:08
90Sarah MyersEccleshill Road RunnersFV4035:09
91Fiona SchneiderIlkley HarriersFV5035:19
92Paula JohnstonBramley BreezersFV5035:21
93Loren PriceFarsley FlyersF35:31
94Richard AppelyardBramley BreezersMV5035:39
95Joanne BeetonU/AFV4035:55
96Gill RyderBramley BreezersFV5035:57
97Wendy MundyFarsley FlyersFV5036:07
98Lydia KisbyU/AF36:11
99Carol NewtonFarsley FlyersF36:18
100Darren ConquestU/AMV5036:19
101Clayre HughesU/AFV4036:41
102Russell CottrellFarsley FlyersMV4036:42
103Melissa SteadPudsey PacersFV4036:46
104Jayne GreensillU/AFV4036:52
105Richard SmithU/AMV6036:56
106Paul DewhirstPudsey PacersMV5037:20
107Rachel FeatherBramley BreezersFV4037:24
108Claire HigginsBramley BreezersFV4037:24
109Jason SavilleU/AMV4037:28
110Laura ThompsonU/AF37:41
111Claire ThaperSaltaire StridersF38:05
112Fiona TaylorRoundhay RunnersFV5038:19
113Georgia BeetonU18G38:47
114John StevensU/AMV6039:52
115Gemma TowersU/AF39:58
116Georgie Pogg-von StrandmannPudsey PacersF40:00
117Hannah KumarPudsey PacersFV4040:01
118Carolyn RixSaltaire StridersFV5040:39
119Fiona WilkinsonU/AFV4040:55
120Tina CraddockBramley BreezersFV4045:02


1Aston BrogdenOtley AcU15B15:44
2Harry SteadIlkley HarriersU15B16:10
3George ChambersOtley ACU15B16:34
4Emily KiteP&BU15G17:13
5Oscar MuirheadP&BU15B18:14
6Ben SimentonP&BU15B20:07
7Natasha RobinsonP&BU15G20:19
8Eloise KiteP&BU15G20:59
9Max SteadIlkley HarriersU15B21:06
10Katie JohnsonP&BU15G22:35
11Jake HeeleyU/AU15B24:33
12Jasmine Minshull-LeedhamP&BU15G26:39


1Thomas MartinP&BB11:05
2Dylan BaylyU/AB11:43
3Charlotte ChambersOtley AcG11:47
4Mallerie SamuelP&BG11:53
5Theo ArmitageBingleyB12:00
6Ewan KiteP&BB12:05
7Elissa KiteP&BG12:40
8Reuben ShamimP&BB13:01
9George HigginsBramley BreezersB13:14
10Emilia JamiesonP&BG13:22
11Ester UmoruP&BG13:43
12Annie ChambersOtley AcG13:49
13Euan MillerP&BB14:03
14Milo ColeP&BB14:08
15LJ K-SpenceU/AB14:13
16Lucas JamiesonP&BB14:16
17Seth RamsayU/AB14:24
18Phobe ColeP&BG14:34
19Eve MuirheadP&BG14:35
20Melissa WalkerP&BG14:44
21Charlie Minshull-LeedhamP&BB16:07
22Munesa Chi FeyaP&BB17:15
23Alex ButlerU/AB17:36
24Teddy RalphU/AB17:43
25Layla SamuelP&BG17:55
26Rumboikai Chi FeyaP&BG17:55
27Molly EvenerP&BG18:03
28Jasper ShamimP&BB19:16
29Emma RalphU/AG19:48
30Tilly EvenerU/AG19:58
31Chloe Minshull-LeedhamP&BG20:58


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