Don Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline 2019

24 March 2019 – Don Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline – 21.1 miles / 4505 ft

A reprise of last year’s English championship race but with a smaller  more select mob of P&B runners, i.e. Me, Richard, Jake and John.

Last face off around at Wadsworth Trog, Richard cruised past me about half way round never to be seen again.
He tried his very best to level things up here by being on the **ss until 1.30am the night before followed by the breakfast of champions of 5 jaffa cakes and a banana.

Didn’t seem to affect him though as he and John disappeared off up the first hill at a rate of knots.

Don Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline 2019
Don Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline 2019
I was on a mission to pace myself. The first half is very runnable and you almost have to deliberately slow down to avoid suffering later on.

Seemed to be going ok as I began to pass lots of people at the tail end of the course.

Coming to the top of Ringing Roger for the last descent I suddenly came across John. He had bonked big style! His nutrition strategy of 1 gel over 20 odd miles being found wanting.

Next on the horizon Richard, again the jaffa cake breakfast letting him down.

A flurry of legs later me and Richard were at the finish.

John arrived a couple of minutes later weaving his way to the line. We wrapped him up nice and cosy and shoved some sweet stuff into his mouth and he soon came round.

Jake trotted in next having cruised round well within his comfort zone.

Don Morrison Memorial Edale Skyline 2019

Great run from John really as he’s only done a couple of long fell races before. He will be on Joe’s coat tails soon but I may have to lend him a few mars bars.

A grand day out overall with smashing views and great pie and peas back at race HQ for refuelling.

Next round between the P&B vet 50’s will be the three peaks, with Gary Devine in the mix too, forming an OAP dream team. I suspect I won’t see Richard for dust though as basically he is just faster than me!

Charlie McIntosh 24th (1st V50) 3:11:26. Richard Pattinson 25th (2nd V50) 3:12:13. John Navis 37th 3:18:25. Jake Lodge 142nd 3:56:46. (FULL RESULTS)
Race Photos by Joe Bowker.

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