Ian Roberts Memorial Fell Race

10 March 2019 – 6.4 miles / 853 ft

You know it’s been a testing run out when back at the clubhouse you overhear, “I flagged the course yesterday and I still got lost!”  

The Ian Roberts Fell Race, not the longest, not the most climb, but plenty to go wrong when the snow and mist are out in full force.   Pretty much the whole field went for a wander somewhere after the first reservoir. I was following the leading pack and checking behind me – local Helen Berry wasn’t far behind so logic dictated I was on the correct route. But it all unravelled five minutes later when I came upon all the leaders in a huddle with arms aloft and pointing in various directions.

Charlie McIntosh Ian Roberts Fell Race
Mr Mac, all wrapped up – Photo by Steve Frith / Mozzienet Photography
Consensus reached, off we went and a short time later arrived back on the track we had run out on a good while earlier!
Luckily this at least let us know where we were and a quick contour later we were back on the race line.
Arriving back at a distinctly quiet finish it was a fair while before the masses arrived, all with various tales of multiple reservoir loops and maids of the mists calling unwary runner’s to mysterious sheep trods to nowhere. 
Scott Alder Ian Roberts Memorial Race
Scott, all wrapped up – Photo by Steve Frith / Mozzienet Photography

The RO took the sensible decision to keep the results as was as pretty much everybody went wrong. However Helen Berry managed a special prize for most distance run, 9.1miles for  a 6.4miles course!   PS – Not withstanding the weather it’s well worth a go at this race just for the tea and buns. One of the best spreads around without a doubt.  

Charlie McIntosh 4th (1st V50) 57:40. Scott Alder 27th 1:22:44.

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