We’re Back!

Well, 2020 was quite the year and one additional effect of the global pandemic was that nobody quite summoned the energy to keep our humble website up to date.

We paused our formal training session for a spell in order to risk assess before safely resuming. Once we were able to run as a group again, our sessions proved to be a real lifeline for both our senior and junior members, everyone agreeing it was a real boost to simply be running with other people again. Training sessions and social runs have continued since and we’ve had a few new members join the ranks.

As a club, we kept plenty busy during the various lockdowns and tightening/easing of restrictions: the Juniors were set various virtual challenges by our super coaches and even had some victories in local virtual racing events. Our seniors enjoyed a break from the (admittendly self-imposed!) pressures of racing and took on a number of long distance challenges to keep themeselves in mischief — whether it was Huw doing a full Leeds Country Way, the Pillings doing the Nidderdale Way over a couple of days, Jake seemingly coming up with some new ultra route every weekend, or Richard smashing out a full Bradford Millenium Way in a possible FKT of 7hr 58m.

We’ve kept busy but the experiences have been largely shared with only those who were there, harkening back to perhaps a simpler, pre-social media, time of just getting out and running.

Racing has now been back for some months and a lot of our members have taken good advantage of the opportunity, as the RESULTS page will attest.

Hope to see you out there.

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